The section presents elements of the demonstrations made by the OneFIT project.

Event Location Date Remarks
Future Network and Mobile Summit (FNMS) 2012 Berlin, Germany 04-06.07.2012 Website
International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networks (MobiOpp) 2012 Zurich, Switzerland 15-16.03.2012 Website
Future Internet Week -Servicewave 2011 Poznan, Poland 24-28.10.2011 Website
Demo photos
Second OneFIT Review Brussels, Belgium 16.09.2011 Posters
Future Network and Mobile Summit (FNMS) 2011 Warsaw, Poland 15-17.06.2011 Website
First OneFIT Review Brussels, Belgium 21.03.2011 Posters
Future Internet Week -Servicewave 2010 Ghent, Belgium 13-17.12.2010 Website

Demonstrations held in the context of the Future Internet Week, in the city of Ghent, Belgium on December 2010 can be found in the following links: