The following Table presents the OneFIT deliverables. The abstract, as well as the full text (for public deliverables) will also be available for each deliverable.

Del. no. Deliverable name Delivery date
D1.1 Governance structure, communication flow and Methods, quality and risk management plan [Full Version] M02 (Aug 2010)
D2.1 Scenarios, technical challenges and system requirements [Full Version] M04 (Oct 2010)
D1.2 First interim review report [Executive Summary] M06 (Dec 2010)
D6.1 Strategy on dissemination, regulation, standardization, exploitation, training [Full Version] M06 (Dec 2010)
D2.2 Functional and system architecture [Full Version] M08 (Feb 2011)
D3.1 Proposal of C4MS and inherent technical challenges [Full Version] M09 (Mar 2011)
D4.1 Formulation, implementation considerations, and first performance evaluation of algorithmic solutions for enabling opportunistic networks [Full Version] M11 (May 2011)
D1.3 First project review report [Executive Summary] M12 (June 2011)
D3.2 Information definition and signalling flows [Full Version] M15 (Sep 2011)
D5.1 Validation platform specification [Full Version] M15 (Sep 2011)
D6.2 First report on standardization, regulation, dissemination, exploitation and training actions [Full Version] M18 (Dec 2011)
D1.4 Second project review report [Executive Summary] M21 (March 2012)
D3.3 Protocols, performance assessment and consolidation on interfaces for standardization [Full Version] [Appendix] M24 (June 2012)
D4.2 Performance assessment and synergic operation of algorithmic solutions enabling opportunistic networks [Full Version] M24 (June 2012)
D5.2 Validation platform implementation description [Full Version] M24 (June 2012)
D3.4 Report on C4MS standardization [Full Version] [Appendix] M30 (Dec 2012)
D4.3 Comprehensive evaluation of performance of synergic operation of integrated algorithms enabling opportunistic networks [Full Version] M30 (Dec 2012)
D5.3 Results analysis and validation [Full Version] M30 (Dec 2012)
D6.3 Final report on standardization, regulation, dissemination, exploitation and training actions [Full Version] M30 (Dec 2012)
D6.4 Functional and system architecture -version 2.0 (D2.2.2) [Full Version] M30 (Dec 2012)
D1.5 Final project review report [Executive Summary] M30 (Dec 2012)