Project Overview

OneFIT project (#257385) will develop and validate the vision of opportunistic networks that are managed, and coordinated with the infrastructure, by advanced cognitive systems. Validation will show enhanced wireless service provision and extended access capabilities for the Future Internet, through higher resource utilization, lower costs, and management decisions with a larger “green” footprint. OneFIT leads to better services for the user and creates market opportunities for manufacturers, operators and service providers. OneFIT efficiently addresses several technical challenges, and evolves, bundles and exploits different types of approaches, ranging from dynamic spectrum management and infrastructureless networks to social networks.

The main requirements defining the Future Internet, and intrinsically influencing the socio-techno-economic future of Europe, provide the motivation for our work:

  • Demand for new applications/services and expanded use of wireless
  • Support for diversified applications/services
  • Need for increased efficiency in resource provisioning and utilization

The following figure depicts the motivation and rationale for OneFIT.

Figure 1. Motivation and rationale of OneFIT (click image to enlarge)

OneFIT aims at addressing the requirement to satisfy the demand for applications/ services and respective resources, through increased efficiency in resource provisioning and utilization.  OneFIT will achieve its target by advancing the state of the art through the development and validation of a solution that comprises:

  • Opportunistic networks, which are operator-governed, temporary, coordinated extensions of the infrastructure. They are dynamically created, through operator spectrum/ policies/ information/ knowledge, in places and at the time they are needed to deliver multimedia flows to mobile users, in a most efficient manner (with respect to the targets outlined above). They can comprise network elements of the infrastructure, and terminals/devices potentially organized in an infrastructureless manner.

  • Cognitive management systems. Two types of systems are envisaged called "Cognitive systems for Managing the Opportunistic Network" (CMONs) and "Cognitive management Systems for Coordinating the Infrastructure" (CSCIs). A fundamental idea of the OneFIT concept is to provide the means to facilitate close cooperation between the infrastructure and the opportunistic networks. Such collaboration is essential for ensuring viability, deployment and value creation for all the stakeholders.

  • Control Channels for the Cooperation of the Cognitive Management Systems (C4MS).

Figure 2 is a first illustration of the overall OneFIT solution. It depicts opportunistic networks, the position of the respective cognitive management systems (CMONs and CSCIs) and control channels (C4MS).

Figure 2. First illustration of the OneFIT solution (click image to enlarge)

The project derived from the fifth call for proposals of the 7th framework programme (FP7) of the European Commission for research and technological development.

An overview presentation of the OneFIT project could be obtained from here.

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